Japanese Courses

2019 WINTER Session (30 hours)

The session starts the week of January 14, 2019.

12 lessons $245 plus materials* (price includes $200 for course fee, $10 administration fee, $35 JCCCM membership fee for 2019). THE REGISTRATION DEADLINE IS JANUARY 7, 2019. Late fees of 10$ will be charged for registrations received after this deadline.

*fees for materials are not included.


Evening classes (6:45 – 9:15pm):
Tuesdays – 1A
Wednesdays – 2A, Intermediate and Advanced
Thursdays – 1B and 2C

Afternoon classes (1-3:30pm)
Tuesdays – 1B
Wednesdays – 1A and 2A

Level 1A – The level is designed for all beginners interested into learning Japanese.

Level 1B – The level 1B is designed for students who are able to read hiragana and katakana. Applicants should have a total of 30 hours of instruction in the Japanese language or the equivalent.

Level 1C – Students will begin to learn Kanji and will learn more about Te-form verbs, Counting, Informal Speech, etc. At the end of the class, you should be able to express your opinion and preference and to discuss with your friends in the past tense.

Level 2A – For those who will complete Genki 1, and have mastered the short form of verbs.
We study various expressions, discussing concepts such as possibility, determination, giving reasons, guessing, giving a suggestion, etc.

Level 2C – We continue to study Genki 2, learn temporal clauses, conditional dependence and transitivity pairs of verbs. At the end of the course, you should be able to express your gratitude and offer your help, explain a situation and any difficulties that you may have, talk about your feelings of disappointment, and give instructions for work, etc. 

Level 3B – Students will complete Genki 2 and learn Causative and Causative-Passive sentences. At the end of the class, you should be able to discuss conditional situations, express your decision, show examples, etc.

Level Intermediate 1 – Review of all previous levels and learning how to put what we have learned, to use in practical situations.

Level Intermediate 2 – Preparation for JLPT N2. (Can listen to a short news item about a familiar topic and understand the main points. Listen to and understand an explanation about the attitude required for a job or other adult setting. Explain a problematic situation you have to a friend. Sympathize with what a friend says and offer encouragement.)

Advanced: Continue preparation for JLPT N2/N1. Can listen to talk about a historical figure and understand his/her image and a specific story that illustrates his/her image. Read a newspaper column or editorial and understand the writer’s explanations and main points. 

For registration and payment, you can fill the form with your cheque or cash at JCCCM. Also you can use the PayPal button below. We will confirm your registration by e-mail. Should you have any question, please contact at centrejaponais@bellnet.ca or at 514-728-5580.

Refund Policy:

Students who register for a class and withdraw;
a) before the first scheduled class will receive a full refund;
b) will receive a refund of class fees paid, less $17 per class attended/missed prior to notifying the JCCCM of their withdrawal (applicable to language courses). Administration and membership fees are not refundable.
A fee of $20 will be charged for any cheques which are returned NSF. The JCCCM reserves the right to cancel a course due to insufficient registration. In this case, a full refund will be issued.

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58 thoughts on “Japanese Courses

  1. Bonjour, je serais intéressée si ces cours sont le soir ou la fin de semaine.

    Geneviève Meloche

    • Apologies for the long delay in replying. Classes are generally geared to adults, so the gap will be difficult to manage. I recommend you look at the Montreal Japanese Language Centre which has classes for children. Keep in mind most of these are for children already speaking Japanese on a daily basis. Your daughter may have to take classes with an age group below hers. Here is their website: http://mjlc.qc.ca/main

  2. Hello, Will there an introductory Japanese course beginning this September? If so, can you please provide me with some information? Thank you.

    • Hello! We will have a few levels beginning in April 2017. If you are an absolute beginner, however, you’ll have to wait until September. Thanks for your interest!

  3. i was wondering which course is for beginners (no knowledge of the Japanese language) and when the next one begins?

  4. Hi, I am looking for beginner courses at night time during the week. I have never studied Japanese and would start from zero. Do you plan to have any courses for beginners ?

    • Hi,
      Yes, we do have classes for beginner for the winter session. Level 1A is for you!
      The session starts the week of Jan.16, 2017 and there are two level 1A classes (Tuesday 6:45-9:15pm, Wednesday 1-3:30pm) and both have still some spots available.
      For more info, please send an e-mail to centrejaponais@bellnet.ca or call at 514-728-5580.

  5. Hi, I’m looking for the Japen courses for beginner, do you have the courses for September 2017?
    thanks or call me 514-385-6400

    • Thank you for your interests in our Japanese courses. New session will start in September, offering 6 levels from beginner to advanced. Registration will start in August. New program will be posted at the beginning of August, so please check our website then. Thank you!

    • Hi,
      I’m afraid that it’s too late for this autumn session which is half way done. The winter session will start in January and will be beginner levels (1A). The registration will starts in December. Should you would like to receive the info mail about the Japanese course, please contact to centrejaponais@bellnet.ca. Thank you!

    • Hi,
      Next session starts in January 2018. We’ll have beginner’s level (1A)as well as other levels.
      Details (starting date and registration etc) will come in December. Should you like to receive info mail about the new session, please contact to centrejaponais@bellnet.ca.
      Thank you and see you at the JCCCM!

  6. Hello. I wish to inquire if there will be courses starting for winter starting in january or after the current session. I would be very interested to join in.


  7. Hi,
    it’s said “fees for materials are not included”. But what is the material needed and how much it cost. (For level 1A)

    Thank you.

  8. Hello,

    What do we exactly learn in level 1 A courses compared to level 1 B? Is it just how to write in hiragana and katakana and write basic sentences?

    I do not see any dates for level 1 B for fall session…

    Thank you.

    • Hi,
      In level 1A, you’ll learn Hiragana, Katakana, basic vocabulary along with useful conversations. In IB, you’ll start making sentences, as well. The level 1B will only start next January.
      Thank you!

  9. I have been studying Japanese on and off for a few years. I know all the hiraganas and katakanas. I know roughly 300 kanjis…I was wondering if I could pass a test to know what my level actually is…Maybe the JLPTN4 level…

    • Hi
      Thank you for your question. We don’t have a written placement test, instead we ask participants to call one of our teacher and have a oral evaluation and get the suggested level. For the phone number of the teachers, please call the JCCCM at 514-728-1996.

  10. Hello
    I see you use genki textbook 1 for level 1a.
    Are the books latest edition as well as new or used.
    Finally is the workbook also included in that 55$ price?
    Thank you.

    • Hello,
      The Textbook Genki 1 is second edition whichi is the newest edition. The books are all new and come with MP3 CD-ROM. The workbook is not included in $55 and is not used in the course. If you like to take a look at the textbook, you can drop-by at JCCCM during the office hour.
      Thank you.

    • Hi,
      The courses that JCCCM offers is one class per week but you can take private lessons with one of our teachers. Just ask your teacher about the private lesson.
      Ganbatte kudasai!

  11. Hi, is there any winter session? If so, when does it start? I’d like to sign up for one of the intermediate levels. Thank you

    • Hi,
      Our winter session will begin the week of January 14.
      We will be offering an Intermediate level, on Wednesday evenings.
      I would suggest, however, that you first contact one of our instructors, who will be able to give you a quick placement test over the phone (if you haven’t already done so). For the placement test, please call at 514-728-5580 or email (centrejaponais@bellnet.ca). Thank you!

  12. hello!
    I was wondering when the 2019 schedule will be up? (Since I just missed 2018) and if you have any recommendation on what to do to learn a bit meanwhile? I just learned hiragana but don’t know katakana yet.

    • Hi,

      Our winter session will begin the week of January 14. We will be offering 2 beginner level courses (1A); on Tuesday evenings or Wednesday afternoons.

      In the meantime, it’s great that you are learning hiragana on your own. If you’d like to continue, you can start katakana also. Both are taught in the first level, but there is not much time spent in class on them. If you continue to the next level, 1B, much of the work will be written in hiragana/katakana, so if you have a firm grasp of both, you will certainly be ahead of the game.

      The new information will be updated on our website soon and we look forward to seeing you in January!

    • Hi,
      Our Winter session begins the week of January 14.
      The updated information will be found on our website in the coming week.
      Thank you!

    • Hi,
      Our winter session will begin the week of January 14. We will be offering 2 level 1B courses on Thursday Evening classes (6:45 – 9:15pm) and on Tuesday afternoon (1pm-3:30pm).
      The new information will be updated on our website soon and we look forward to seeing you in January!

  13. Hi! I was wondering if the courses for the 1A level are given in english or french? And also do you have an approximation for the material cost?

    Thank you very much, really looking forward to learn Japanese : )

    • Hi,
      The level 1A classes for the Winter session, will be given primarily in French.
      We will offer 2 level 1A classes, one on Tuesday evenings and the other on Wednesday afternoons.
      The material cost will be approximately $55, which should be the price of Genki 1, the book that is used in the first 4 levels, (1A through 2A).

  14. I have a question about class 1B, I know hiragana and katakana but what do we learn in this class in terms of verb tense, adjectives, sentences, everything?

    Thank you.

    • Hi,
      Our level 1B class continues working with verbs and verb tenses (introduction to ‘te’ form), as well as descriptive words (location, time), brief conversations, negative adjectives, etc.
      If you are familiar with the Genki book series, you will be working in Genki 1, Chapters 4-8 (approximately).


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