Shamisen workshop with Jacinthe Marcil

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At this workshop guided by Jacinthe, you can hear, touch and play the shamisen. The meaning of this instrument’s kanjis is three flavoured strings. As for the sound of the instrument and it’s playing techniques, they are unique compared to other stringed instruments around the world as it combines both a string vibration and percussive sound.
Jacinthe started studied classical guitar at the Cegep de Drummondville at the age of seventeen and discovered her interest in the shamisen during a trip to Japan in 2014. She created the MTL Shamisen Project (click here to the MTL Shamisen Project FaceBook page) two years later, a platform for promoting events related to the Japanese shamisen and also other Japanese music projects in Montreal. Her goal is to share her knowledge about anything related to the instrument, the Japanese culture linked to it and, the new ideas brought by Westerners.

You can borrow a shamisen at the workshop.

  • Date:Mondays from 7-8 pm.
  • Fee:$20 / workshop (you need to be a JCCCM member. For the membership info, click here.)
  • Contact Jacinthe Marcil ( for registration and more info.

Autumn Flower Arrangement Workshop

autumn flower arrangment1

– When: October 27th, 13-15pm
– Where: JCCCM
– Fee:10$ of participation fee and 35$ of flowers
– Payment: To reserve your place, please send the total amount or JCCCM would accept the cash payment.
– What to bring: Secateur and bag to carry your arrangement (ex. big wide eco bag)
***The flowers will be differed at the workshop from the photo. This phto is just an example.

Kimono workshop

Next workshop will be held upon requests.

Fee: $10/class (JCCCM member), $15 (non-member)

Bring own kimono and accessories:

-Kimono or Yukata
-Obi (Nagoya –obi or Hanhaba-obi for yukata)
-Obi-makura, Obi-age, Obi-jime, Obi-ita
-Nagajuban , Date-jime, 3 Koshi-himo, Tabi
-Something spread on the floor, like furoshiki

Contact Yoko Horimitsu ( for mailing list and more info.

2017 Fall session: Natto, Koji & Miso Workshop by Masaki Endo

Should you’d like to receive info letter about the next workshops, please send a mail to Mr. Masaki Endo <>.

Natto workshop: Wednesday, Nov. 8, 2017 from 10-11am & Sunday, Nov.12, 2017 from 2-3pm

Natto is fermented soy beans that is very healthy and popular food in Japan. In this workshop, important tips in natto making are taught. Nothing to bring. Fee is $15 that includes a pack of natto (200g), recipe, and small amount of starter yeast. Choose one of two days.

Koji workshop(supplementary to Miso workshop*): Monday, Nov. 13, 2017 from 9:30 – 11am

Koji is fermented rice that is used for miso making and also for sake making too. In this workshop, how to start the fermentation is demonstrated. Nothing to bring. *Fee is included in the miso workshop.

Miso workshop: Wednesday, Nov. 15, 2017 from 10-11 am & Sunday, Nov. 19, 2017 from 2-3pm

Miso is a bean paste made from soy beans and koji and used in Japanese cooking. Fee is $20 that includes a pack of koji. Some items to bring to the workshop shown below. Choose one of two days.

What to bring (Koji is provided):
Soy beans: cook soft after soaking in water overnight and drain the broth (do not throw away), then mashed with masher or handheld mixer
salt: for amount, please refer to the table below, table salt is OK.
broth: one cup* (6oz)
container: 2L of jar, preferably made of ceramic or pottery and cylindrical with a large mouth so that hand can be put in.
bowl: ~5L for mixing koji and beans

*note: 1 Japanese cup = 180 mL = 6 oz

white miso
 rose miso
red miso
koji(be provided) 8 cups (rice 4 cups) 8 cups (rice 4 cups) 8 cups (rice 4 cups)
dry soy beans 2 cups 3 cups 4 cups
salt 0.4 cup=~72 mL 0.8 cups=~144 mL 1.2 cups=~216 mL
broth ~1 cup=180 mL ~1 cup=180 mL 1 cup=180 mL
container 2 L 2 L 2 L
aging time 2 months 5-6 months 10-12 months

Please contact Masaki Endo for registration and more information:

Homemade UDON workshop

Meiko who grew up in Kagawa, famous for its Udon, teaches how to make Udon from scratch. Tasting follows. Please choose one of the dates.

  • Date:Mon. February 27th, 10am–noon
  • Place: JCCCM (8155 rue Rousselot)
  • What to bring: Thick plastic bag and bath towel
  • Fee (Including material) :$15(JCCCM member), $20(non-member)

For more info, check:Udon workshop ad

For registration, please contact Yoko at, 514-728-1996

Easter Flower Arrangement workshop

Date: Friday, April 7th, 2017, at 1pm
Place: JCCCM
What to bring:
Secateurs or Ikebana scissors
Bag to carry flower arrangement home(ex. Big wide eco-bag)
Fee: $10 + $35 for flowers ($20 deposit upon registration)
To reserve your spot, you can bring $20 deposit at JCCCM or contact Hiromi at for more information.
2017 Easter flower arrangement
The flowers will be differed at the workshop. This is just an example.

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