Kimono workshops with special guest: June 24, 2018

Kimono Workshops with Billy Matsunaga 

Sunday, June 24th, 2018 at JCCCM 

Session 1: 2 pm-4 pm “Speed Kimono Dressing”

Speed Kimono Dressing or “Speed Kitsuke” is the way to wear a full set of kimono in 6 minutes or less and is the preparation for “Blind Kitsuke”. In this workshop, you will learn how to put on a kimono perfectly without taking a single look into a mirror in 6 minutes.

What to bring for this session 1:

  • Kimono
  • Nagajuban or Usotsuki-juban, 
  • Tabi or Tabi-socks
  • 2 Koshi-himo (cotton strings), 1 kôrin-belt(optional)
  • 2 Date-jime (Silk sash)
  • something spread on the floor, like furoshiki 

Session 2 : 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm ” O-taiko with a too short nagoya obi”

Are you in love with old vintage obi, but can’t put them on, because they are too short? This workshop will show you how to tie a o-taiko with a too short obi in 2 minutes without any unregular items. Plus, some tips how to deal with a too small kimono will be revealed.

What to bring to this session 2:

  • All stuff on the list for the session 1
  • 1 Short Nagoya-obi (regular length obi is good, too)
  • 1 Obi-zime
  • 1 Obi-age
  • 1 Obi-makura
  • 1 Koshi-himo
  • 5~6 Kimono clips or big office clips* (see photo) 





Fees: $15 / session for JCCCM member, $20/ session for non-member. Taking both sessions is recommended.

***Please note that the workshops are for female participants only. ***



Billy Mtasunaga is a fully trained and professional kimono teacher based in Kumamoto City, Japan. Originally from Germany, she fell in love with kimono more than 15 years ago and became a kimono enthusiast in 2012. With her blog and appearances on Japanese local and national TV, she wants to promote the passion and charm of kimono in Japan and the whole world. HP: 

You can find her on Instagram: @biriinyan



For more information and registration, contact Yoko at or 514-728-1996 





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