Natto, Koji & Miso workshops are returning!

Our popular Natto, Koji and Miso workshops are returning!

Natto workshop: Feb 22 from 10-11am & Feb 26 from 2-3pm

Natto is fermented soy beans that is very healthy and popular food in Japan. In this workshop, important tips in natto making are taught. Nothing to bring. Fee is $15 that includes a pack of natto (200g), recipe, and small amount of starter yeast. Choose one of two days.

Koji workshop(supplementary to Miso workshop*): Feb 27 from 9:30 – 11am

Koji is fermented rice that is used for miso making and also for sake making too. In this workshop, how to start the fermentation is demonstrated. Nothing to bring. *Fee is included in the miso workshop.

Miso workshop: Mar.01 from 10-11am & Mar. 05 from 2-3pm

Miso is a bean paste made from soy beans and koji and used in Japanese cooking. Fee is $20 that includes a pack of koji. Some items to bring to the workshop shown below. Choose one of two days.

What to bring (Koji is provided):
Soy beans: cook soft after soaking in water overnight and drain the broth (do not throw away), then mashed with masher or handheld mixer
salt: for amount, please refer to the table below, table salt is OK.
broth: one cup* (6oz)
container: 2L of jar, preferably made of ceramic or pottery and cylindrical with a large mouth so that hand can be put in.
bowl: ~5L for mixing koji and beans

*note: 1 Japanese cup = 180 mL = 6 oz

white miso
 rose miso
red miso

(be provided)

8 cups (rice 4 cups) 8 cups (rice 4 cups) 8 cups (rice 4 cups)
dry soy beans 2 cups 3 cups 4 cups
salt 0.4 cup=~72 mL 0.8 cups=~144 mL 1.2 cups=~216 mL
broth ~1 cup=180 mL ~1 cup=180 mL 1 cup=180 mL
container 2 L 2 L 2 L
aging time 2 months 5-6 months 10-12 months

Please contact Masaki Endo for registration and more information:

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    • Hi
      Thank you for the information. The Koji that Mr. Endo, our instructor, prepares is Rice-Koji. With this rice-koji, you can make miso, amazake, shio-koji etc.

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