KEIROKAI 2023 was held on Septmeber 24, 2023 inviting Nikkei elders who are 80 years and up. Performers: Mami Hara (Nihon Buyo & Koto), Kanae Nobori (Piano), Toby Kimura (Saxophone) , Terry Yasunaka (Shigin) , Ameno Ato (Taiko). Obento prepraed by Restaurant Sakura Garden, Flower arrangement & cosages by Hiromi Ono Fleur Design, Cake by Patisserie Legault,  Photo: Reiko Nakajima


Video from the kimono event “Everyone Can Kimono” 

Enjoy the video of Kimono event held on April 29. The video was provided courtesy of Masa Suzuki (Masa videography/photography). Big thanks to volnteers and models, especially Sasa Chueng (SA Design by Sasa) and Yurie Nakamura (Kimono Marie) for organizing the event to raise fund for the JCCCM.

JCCCM Keiro-no-hi Oiwai Café 2019 (October 16, 2019) photo: courtesy of K. Sone

JCCCM Spring Kimono Bazaar 2019 (March 30, 2019)

JCCCM Kimono Workshop (June 24 2018)

JCCCM Showcase 2017

Flower Arranging 2017

Udon Workshop 2017

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