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In addition to our activity emails and Montreal Bulletin discount (applies only on full-year memberships), the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre of Montreal is happy to announce that several business in our community are offering discounts to JCCCM members, upon presentation of your current membership card.  Please check this list from time to time, as we are sure to add new participants to the program!


Yen Cuisine Japonaise, in the heart of Montreal, combines traditional Japanese cuisine with a contemporary gastronomic experience, in a cozy, yet sophisticated ambiance. Yen Cuisine is proud to offer a 10% discount to JCCCM members, upon presentation of a valid membership card. For more information or to contact us, please visit our social medias or our website :

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The Yamato Karate Academy teaches Shotokan style karate, one of the founding styles from which all other styles of karate practiced today were born. Yamato is a proud member of the Japan Karate Association (JKA), Karate Quebec, and World Karate Federation (WKF). Classes are taught by instuctor Trevor Ishmael (5th Dan). Our school is located in Vaudreuil-Dorion and Saint-Anne de Bellevue. We have been teaching Karate since 2009. We are offering a 10% discount on our courses when you present your JCCCM membership card! 



MTL Shamisen Project‘s mission is to introduce the shamisen to Quebec through presentations, concerts, workshops, and instrument rentals. The group workshops allow beginners to discover the differences between the various types of shamisen, the different traditional musical styles such as: Jiuta, Nagauta, Tsugaru, and others. To learn about their historical context, the basic techniques of the instrument, and most importantly, to be able to play in a group with other musicians. Intermediate participants can develop their technical skills, participate in public performances, learn stress management in performance situations, and much more. Upon presentation of your JCCCM membership card, you will receive a 10% discount for blocks of 4 group workshopsFor more information or to contact us, please visit our social medias or our website:


Thés Guru/Oishi Bar à Matcha is your destination for all your tea related needs. With over 400 types of tea to choose from and a vast selection of tea ware, we will help you find your cup of tea. Specialized in Japanese tea with the largest selection of products in North America as well as tea from all over the World, we also have a Matcha Bar that serves up all kinds of tasty treats and drinks. Get 10% off at Thés Guru and 15% off at Oishi Bar à Matcha when you show us your valid JCCCM card (offer valid at the main store on Beaubien only)! You can check us out at NEW Address:1289 Beaubien East, Montreal Tel: 514-727-3907


La brasserie San-O – After having trained under a sake master in Japan, we rediscovered “the potential of Koji”. Koji is a precursor ingredient in the sake brewing process as well as most of Japanese condiments such as miso and soy sauce. Koji can be applied in any kind of cuisine, and it has a lot of amazing health benefits! Shio (salt) Koji can be used as a substitute for salt, or Amazake (a natural sweet made of fermented rice Koji) can be a substitute of sugar. Those koji condiments elevate Umami (the fifth taste) and enrich your dish. Moreover, you can even make your own skin lotion with Koji! Our mission is to disseminate the potential of Koji here in Montreal, and demonstrate the potential of Koji in culinary applications such as soup and ice cream. As a JCCCM member, benefit from  10 % discount that is applied to all the pantry items on your online orders using the promo code at checkout. You can find the promo code in the JCCCM activity email that is sent to the JCCCM members monthly. Learn more at




Tokusen collaborates with local Japanese producers to make available the best Japanese terroir products. Founded by a couple longing for quality Japanese products, Tokusen’s missions is to educate Canadians on the value of artisan Japanese food products and to offer an alternative to commercially-made products readily available on the market. Our flagship product is soy sauce from Shiga prefecture which has been aged in Japanese cedar barrels for up to three years. As a JCCCM member, benefit from a 10 % discount on your online orders using the discount code JCCCM10 at checkout. Learn more at



Kyoto Fleurs is a young business situated on Mont-Royal avenue in Montreal. Our store offers a big variety of fresh flowers, indoor plants, and decorative accessories. We also offer a personalized unique experience for weddings, as well as different workshops. Visit the store to get 10% off upon presentation of your valid JCCCM card. See

Address:1893 Mt-Royal Est, Montreal Tel: 514-522-6555 


Welcome to Kokoro Care Packages! Journey through Japan with hand-crafted Care Packages filled with premium-quality, artisanal Japanese foods delivered straight from Japan to your door. Inside every Care Package, you’ll discover everything from snacks to seasonings, sauces to soups, teas and more, all made by local farmers and producers in Japan. You’ll also receive a beautifully designed brochure with English translations of all the products, stories behind our producers as well as easy to use recipes. Benefit from a 10% off when purchasing their packages. Contact us for a discount code. Learn more on


Myofu-An Montreal is a Dojo dedicated to the study of Koryu Bujutsu. This art encompasses various combat skills such as Jujutsu, Ninjutsu, Kenjutsu, etc. It gives its practitioner a physical and psychological discipline, allowing him or her to acquire self-defence skills, self-confidence, as well as to grow physically and spiritually. We offer indoor and outdoor classes. Get a 10% off for classes. See more about the classes at  Tel: 514-838-7757



Beauté Business is a hair salon on St. Laurent in Little Italy. At Beauté Business, we look after you like nowhere else. We are always up to date with new haircut techniques and creative colouring. Our hairdressers will advise you and ensure your satisfaction throughout your visit, by making sure that the result exceeds your expectations. We also have a Japanese hairdresser who has worked in Harajuku, Tokyo. We offer a 20% discount upon presentation of your valid JCCCM card. For more information, Address: 6965 Boul. St-Laurent, Montreal  Tel : 514-982-6672

MisaOku offers Massage and wax hair removal 2 minutes walk from metro Honore Beaugrand also parking available. MisaOku offers variety of massage techniques from relaxing to therapeutic. We are offering 10% discount  upon presentation of your valid JCCCM card (per client per year). Receipt for insurance is available. Learn more at rue Lepailleur, Montreal Tel : 514-702-7578


*The discount cannot be combined with any other offers, promotions or discounts available at the restaurant.

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